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Napoleon P500 Propangas

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Napoleon P500 Propangas

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Der Napoleon Prestige P500 vereint unter seiner schicken Edelstahl-Grillhaube alles, was sich ein Grillmeister vorstellen kann. Mit 4 Hauptbrennern, e... Mehr

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Behind the stylish stainless steel - grill hood hides everything the heart desires of a grill master. With its 6 different burners can already grilling a simple steak on eight different methods of preparation, which you respond to individual wishes of your guests and they can completely satisfy with your cooking skills.

The WAVE - cooking grates give the food to be grilled typical Napoleon - branding, and its wavy design ensures an even heat distribution. Flame protection inserts form an extra surface and thus become aroma rails which give the food to be grilled a particularly aromatic Grill Sheet. This aroma rails thanks to the straight and thoughtful design particularly easy to clean. After lengthy brushing after grilling should not tarnish your barbecue experience.

But that's not all: The Napoleon Räucherpfeife transform your gas grill in a rapidly Smoker, which provides a special flavor. The 2in1 charcoal insert with integrated Räucherbereich turns your barbecue in no time in a charcoal grill. The various possibilities of each grilling to a new experience.

You prefer grilling on a gas grill? The model P500 Prestige - series in classic stainless steel design is also available as natural gas grill

Size: length 163 cm, width 66 cm, height 127 cm
Cooking area in cm: 4.083 cm²
Combustion output in kW: 25.7 kW
Material: Premium - Stainless Steel
Number of burners: 6
Fuel: propane
Weight : 87.1 kg
Colour : stainless steel, blue, black, Smokey Quartz
Accessories : spice containers, beverage containers, cutlery hacking 

Napoleon P500 Barbecue

Napoleon Prestige P500 Gasgrill im Test auf Deutsch


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Napoleon P500 Propangas


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